The End to the Everlasting Night

Our first EP was released in July 2017. It is the result of an awesome journey full of wonderful people and experiences.



The music of Easing the Badger is available on multiple channels such as Spotify, bandcamp and SoundCloud.

The End to the Everlasting Night

Our first EP 'The End to the Everlasting Night', released in July 2017, is the result of an awesome journey full of wonderful people and experiences. Join us on our winding path across a landscape brimming with an atmosphere of lush melodies and visceral riffs to a home-brewed blend of post-rock and post-metal.

Album cover for the demo The End of the Everlasting Night


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8 February 2020 Oorsuys + Easing the Badger Het Alternatief, Nijmegen, NL more info
23 May 2019 Cabaletta + Easing the Badger + Luuk & The Bassbreakers Jacks Music Bar, Zwolle, NL  
19 April 2019 All Shall Be Well + Easing the Badger ACU, Utrecht, NL  
23 March 2019 The Gathering + Easing the Badger Neushoorn, Leeuwarden, NL  
9 February 2019 Easing the Badger + Cabaletta De Trucker, Pijnacker, NL  
3 December 2018 The Chasing Monster + Easing the Badger Lola, Groningen, NL  
23 November 2018 Antimatter + Egeria + Easing the Badger Brigant, Arnhem, NL  
23 October 2018 Easing the Badger + Gambardella Vondelbunker, Amsterdam, NL  
14 May 2018 Aswekeepsearching + Easing the Badger Vondelbunker, Amsterdam, NL  
10 December 2017 Easing the Badger Muziek bij de Buren
Wageningen, NL

Photo & Video

We thank our hosts and audience for taking pictures and recording videos during our shows.


Easing the Badger is an instrumental post-rock / post-metal band from the Netherlands. While going through some changes in line-up during the past eight years, we are now a three-piece band existing of Bram van Rooij (bass), Sebastiaan Schoemaker (guitar) and Sidney Gijzen (drums).

Our ultimate goal is to make every song as creative and interesting as possible. Although our music is influenced by other genres, we find each other in a common love for post-rock and post-metal, so it's no wonder our music always has that feel.


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